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Select a letter above to view a list of words and phrases in this glossary.

To visit on-line dictionaries select from the links below.

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This glossary, which provides more detail than simple definitions, contains many helpful words and phrases. To find a specific word begin with the letter you selected, click the Edit menu in your browser and then click the Find option.

We take the position that certain topics require a fuller exposition for the reader to be reasonably informed. You will note that we included terms from anthropology, history and theology. We did so because biblical archaeology draws extensively upon these disciplines. Moreover, as many of our viewers are new to this discipline we decided to include material at an introductory level such that high school students would feel comfortable in navigating this site. We employed many links as aids for learning new material and for reinforcing previous learning.

In many cases we provided aids for proper pronunciation to assist the general viewer and particularly our viewers who are not native English speakers. The aid immediately follows the word enclosed by a parenthesis with the accented term in all capital letters, e.g., agora (AGora). Moreover, you may read the text of scriptures in the NASB through the links provided.

We selected the NASB, the New American Standard Bible, as our default for scriptural text as it is the most true to the original Hebrew and Greek text. When alternate scriptures appear we provide the appropriate link as KJV, NKJV, RSV, NIV, and the like.

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