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Welcome to the intriguing World of

 Biblical Archaeology

Feature Articles

The Ancient Church of the Apostles

The remnants of the Church of the Apostles can be found on the southwestern hill of Jerusalem. A review of the evidence, both historical and archaeological, and the reexamination of the authenticity of the present day site of the Cenacle and the pseudo‐Tomb of David, confirm  the site as a first-century Church of God constructed by Judeo-Christians (Hebrew speaking Christians called Nazarenes by traditional Jews) returning from Pella.

Golgotha! Calvary and the Elusive Tomb of Jesus of Nazareth — the Bishop's Secret!

Does the Church of the Holy Sepulcher mark the place where humanity's savior died? Does his tomb lie there? Surprisingly, it is neither. The place of Jesus' crucifixion, burial, and resurrection yet remain to be found!

At BIBARCH™ you can learn of the cultures of ancient biblical peoples, consider the worldviews of the servants and prophets of God, and extend your understanding of the life and times of the first Christians and the early church. Our intent is to assist all seeking to extend their knowledge in biblical archaeology, desiring to become avocational or professional archaeologists, or wanting to do archaeological fieldwork in the lands of the Bible.

We intend for BIBARCH™ to be your guide as you explore the world of the bible. We seek to provide you with timely, reliable, and insightful information for extending your understanding of the bible, its archaeology, and the biblical world. Here you can visit the bible lands, develop new insights into the meaning of the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament.

You can use the resources of this website to enhance your awareness of the archaeology of the Bible lands. Learn how archaeological research illuminates the biblical text and broaden your understanding of the biblical world and its peoples. We provide a means for you to further explore the archaeology of the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament.

Biblical archaeology, with its concentration on the Levant, deals with the study of the archaeology of the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament. Historical records, such as the Hebrew Scriptures, serve as indispensable sources for understanding the cultural history of the biblical period. By means of the science of archaeology a fuller understanding of the biblical record and its underlying theology can result. Through historical sources the findings of biblical archaeologists can be better understood. In this approach, a generally accepted one in biblical archaeological research, the disciplines of history and archaeology complement each other. Nevertheless, theology and linguistics also provide important insights into the underlying beliefs of the biblical writers.

Biblical archaeology provides scholars with a fuller perception of the events and the lifeways of the peoples depicted in the Bible. Through biblical archaeology researchers can reconstruct the lifeways of biblical peoples and learn of the cultural change (cultural process) in their civilizations.

We hope you find our website useful in your search for understanding and truth.

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