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There are many opportunities to do fieldwork or otherwise participate in Levantine excavations. We believe that the best listing of Levantine sites needing volunteers is that of the of the Biblical Archaeology Society. In the Biblical Archaeology Review the BAS annually publishes a detailed list in the January/February issue. If you do not subscribe, check at B. Dalton, Hastings, Walden Books, or one of the other major booksellers for the issue. In archaeology undergraduate and graduate students often need fieldwork (we prefer this spelling over field work so please indulge us) as part of their degree program. In other degree programs archaeological fieldwork might be for a minor or an elective. Be sure that the course is transferable to your college or university should it be offered by an institution other than the one you attend. We advise you to discuss the matter with your major adviser at your home college or university before taking a course from another institution.

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