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Creation is a theological explanation for the origin of humans and evolution is a scientific one. These origins issues will exist long after you finish reading and coming to grips with this material. Hopefully, as you consider the breadth and depth of the issues of biblical archaeology, you will gain insight and frame the questions that yet remain for biblical archaeologists to ask.

The scientific explanation of human origins consists of the synthetic theory of biological evolution. In a scientific sense the Genesis 1 creation account could be a hymn, or literary exposition, but not an acceptable explanation of human origins for its basis in not upon the observation and replication inherent in scientific methodology. While science constitutes the paradigm of secular humanists, many scientists nevertheless remain committed Jews and Christians.

You may find that there exists much in science that you will accept as adequate explanation based upon what scientists know of the ancient world. You also may find that there exists much in religious faith, while not explained by science, which can only be understood as the creative acts of God.

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