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Israelis and Jordanians do not have the same perception concerning security and safety as do Americans. When traveling in the near East you must be constantly aware of your immediate security and safety. This is true whether you are at the excavation or anywhere in the Near East. Not only must you harden the target from normal criminal elements but terrorist activity as well. Christians and Jews are Islamic terrorist targets. Americans, regardless of religious affiliation, are also terrorist targets. Carefully evaluate security issues before you go to the region and constantly avoid placing yourself at risk.

The US State Department and the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade provide currently travel advisory information for their citizens. We highly suggest your checking these notices while planning your trip. Check again just before you depart to be apprised of any last minute briefing information. Political conditions constantly change in the Levant and you need to know what is going on before you get there. Your safety is important and being forewarned is forearmed.

For general safety be observant when walking along roads, lifting, or in the square where rocks could fall on your feet. Tools can be laying around in a square and you could loose your footing and hurt yourself. Train yourself to constantly be aware of your own safety and that of those around you.

For reasons of security and safety please:

  1. Accept no presents from strangers and do not bring such items to your quarters or to the site.

  2. Do not go walking at night and never alone.

  3. Bring no one on the site who is not part of your group.

  4. Secure your valuables especially money and jewelry.

  5. If you injure yourself at the excavation please report it to your supervisors.

  6. Travel in groups, keep track of each other, and when you are on he road be sure your whereabouts are known to your excavation or group leaders and that you have 24-hour emergency numbers.

  7. Remain inconspicuous in dress and demeanor and behave in ways that do not call attention to your being an American.

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