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We found the guide books listed below useful in bringing student groups to excavations in Israel, Jordan, West Bank and Gaza, and Syria. New and updated guidebooks are always coming on the market so the list we provide is certainly not complete. If you come across one you would like to recommend let us know.

checkanimated.gif (920 bytes) Our travel guide of choice
The Holy Land by Jerome Murphy-O'Connor and published by Oxford University Press (1998). 4th edition.
Baedeker's Israel in the English Language edition by Jarrold and Sons Ltd.
Fodor's Israel by Fodor's Travel Publications, Inc.
Fodor's Jordan & The Holy Land by Fodor's Travel Publications, Inc.
Let's Go: Israel & Egypt by Lets Go, Incorporated.
Self-Guided Israel published by Langenscheidt Publishers, Inc.
Six New Testament Walks in Jerusalem by I. Martin and published by Harper & Row.

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