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HTM00694.jpg (54823 bytes)Michael P. Germano, a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, holds earned doctorates from the University of Southern California and the University of La Verne. He completed post-graduate study in anthropology, archaeology, and theology at Southern Methodist University and Texas A&M University at College Station. He and his wife Brenda reside in western North Carolina, where he continues his research, teaches, writes, and now serves as an academic vice president at a local college.

Affiliated with Ambassador University since 1959, he served as AU's vice president of academic affairs 1973-1978, dean of academic affairs 1987-1995 and chair of its anthropology department 1995-1997. He left the university as a professor emeritus in 1997. He held responsibilities in AU's involvement in excavations at the south Temple Mount directed by Benjamin Mazar, the Umm el-Jimal Project directed by Bert de Vries, the Mozan Expedition directed by Giorgio Buccellati and Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati, and the Hazor Excavations in memory of Yigael Yadin directed by Amnon Ben-Tor. He supervised the Ambassador contingent at the Hazor Excavations and held responsibility for excavation videography.

His current research consists of an investigation of the relationship of the Tomb of Jesus, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and the Cenacle in Jerusalem. He has a book in preparation entitled The First Christians: Myths, History, and Traditions of the Ancient Church as well as Cultures, Peoples, and Lands of the Bible: An Introduction to Biblical Archaeology.

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