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Occasionally we receive requests to publish on BibArch™ articles dealing with various aspects of biblical archaeology. We invite such inquiry. Our policy is as follows:

  1. Articles should be of the difficulty of undergraduate college courses. Most of our viewers are college and high school students working on research papers.

  2. Items published on the website are the result of the author's voluntary contribution to the discipline of biblical archaeology. In other words, we do not compensate authors for material they contribute. We attribute authorship and, upon an author's request, will provide links for reaching the author and his or her web site. We also require some biographical data about the author.

  3. We request authors to submit articles in electronic form as an e-mail attachment along with photographs and illustrations. If this works a hardship please let us know, on a case-by-case basis, and we will accept submissions in a traditional format by mail.

  4. By submitting articles and other materials, including but not limited to all photographs, illustrations, and videos, authors certify that they own the copyright for their article and other materials, as well as having acquired any necessary permissions from third parties, and give their non-revocable consent for publishing such items on and for use in other High Top Media publications and productions without compensation or royalty.

  5. Authors retain the copyright to their articles and materials and may freely publish them elsewhere.

  6. The editors of BibArch™ retain the right to select or reject an article, or part thereof, for publishing, and the right to edit, reformat, condense, and expand articles without the permission or consent of the author.

  7. Items are not returnable whether used or not in publication.

  8. Send materials to:

or by mail to:

PO Box 2494
Cullowhee, NC 28723-2494

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